Delatorro McNeal, II presents Live Your Speaking Dreams - The 3 Day Professional Speaking and Book Publishing Boot Camp

Attention: To all speakers, industry experts, trainers, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, network marketing professionals, ministers, educators, executives and anyone with a desire to live out your dreams as a professional speaker...

How To Skyrocket Your Speaking And Publishing Success In Less Time By Using A Strategic System To Transition From A Full-Time Employee To A Full-Time Professional Speaker & Author


Just 10 spots to individuals will be accepted into an intense, 3-day immersion for professional speakers that will shave years off your learning curve and save you up to $100,000 in operating costs by teaching you, hands-on, how to build a national platform as a highly paid expert

Delatorro McNeal II Speaker and Best Selling Author


Dear colleague and fellow entrepreneur spirit,

How would you like to make more money in an hour than you previously made in a month? This is a reality that you can celebrate when you live every day as a professional speaker and author with a national platform.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? However, as a professional speaker and best selling author myself I understand, more than most, the glaring truth between living out my dream as a professional speaker and simply surviving the nerve shattering struggle of transitioning from a full-time job - a job that put a roof over my head, food on the table and paid my bills - to taking the leap to become a full-time professional speaker.

The truth is that most aspiring speakers will give up before they reach their dream, immobilized quickly by a full-time job that they cannot afford to leave and discouraged that they don’t have the time or knowledge to make the transition without putting their cash flow and standard of living at serious risk. So… they dabble in speaking here and there, but never come close to mastering their speaking platform as a recognized go-to expert that organizations seek out to hire. With such little time and lacking a blueprint for their speaking business, they are unable to hone their skills, be original and draw in the kind of paid bookings that will allow them to leave their job to live their dream.

Startling Statistics about Those Who Pursue Speaking

“30 out of every 31 speakers fail within their first year of trying to start a full-time speaking business.”

-Burt Dubin
Speaker Mentor/Coach

I have painstakingly gone through this process and come out the other end successfully and with a lucrative speaking and publishing career. Now I want to share with you, my proven blueprint that allowed me to make $45,000 speaking nights and weekends my first year and $115,000 my second year, while still working a full-time job. This method ultimately allowed me to transition to speaking and writing full-time. I’m ready to spill the beans and show you, step-by-step, how you can leave the 9-to-5 behind and step into the life you want as a professional speaker and published author.

Are you...

Unable to crack-the-code on how to build your speaking and publishing business while holding down a job?

Struggling to be original, tired of teaching other peoples' material and unsure how to articulate what makes you different from your competitors?

Ready to shut down your existing speaking business because you're lacking the paid bookings you need to keep you in business?

Aggravated by the amount of money you have spent to attend speaking seminars that turn into full blown pitch fests and leave you without the "how-to's" you were promised?

In the dark about how to select speaking content that sells and engages meeting planners?

Unsure about the niche you fit into and how to make significant money in that niche?

Confident that you have a book inside you, but don't know where to start when it comes to getting published?

Confused about the marketing techniques you need to apply and how to position yourself as an expert?

Distraught about the expenses you have incurred trying to build your speaking and publishing business and desperate to see a return on your investments?

Lacking the platform skills necessary to draw in your audience and create raving fans who buy your books and products?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, I have a special invitation for you.

You see, after successfully working through the pain-staking process and seeking out mentors that helped me jumpstart my success, I was motivated to help other emerging speakers avoid the trials and tribulations that I had to experience. That’s why I mapped out my pathways to success and created an easy-to-implement blueprint to help speakers like you build your speaking and publishing empire.

Who Is Delatorro McNeal, II and How Can He Deliver a Shortcut to Your Speaking and Publishing Success?

Allow me to keep it real… Having graduated with honors with my BA in Interpersonal and Speech Communication and MA in Training and Development, I went straight to work as a performance consultant for one of the Big 5 Global Consulting Firms, Anderson Consulting. Then what happens to so many these days, happened to me… I was laid off!

delatorro mcneal speaking live

After some soul searching I discovered my innermost desire to share my knowledge, expertise and experience with the world! I set my sights on becoming a paid professional speaker. Taking my destiny into my own hands, I started getting serious about my professional speaking career. I pounded the pavement, walked the halls at the National Speakers Association Convention to make contacts and set my sights on being personally mentored by some of the greatest speakers in the industry.

My motivation was high, but my cash flow was hurting so I took on a full-time job, but kept pushing hard to reach my goal of speaking. In 2002, WHILE working a full-time job making 40K a year, I made 45K on nights and weekends speaking and selling my high quality self-published books and products. In 2003, I got a 1K raise at my job which brought me to 41K, but on nights and weekends speaking I did $115,000. At the end of 2003, I walked away from my full-time job, and have been speaking full-time ever since. In 2004 and 2005, I doubled my 2003 income!

Now I am living my speaking dreams! I have been mentored by The Greats, have been the Division G Toastmaster’s Champion, was a featured speaker at the 2008 NSA National Convention for The Young Guns, Top Speakers in NSA Under 40, have been a guest expert at the NSA Central Florida Chapter “Meet the Pros” sessions and have also presented for NSA CF Academy, am a Featured Motivational Expert in the 2009 entrepreneurial film, The YES Movie and have been blessed with extensive television exposure on worldwide television networks.

With a decade of speaking experience behind me I have taught public speaking and presentation skills at the corporate, university, ministry, and private sector levels and now I want to put everything on the table and help you, my fellow speaker, reach these goals and so much more, using my business building blueprint to become a professional speaker and best selling author.

As I travel and speak it’s become common for people to come up to me and share that they want to be paid speakers and published authors.


Living my speaking dreams and meeting some of the greats including Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Bruce Wilkinson, Mark Victor Hansen, Willy Jolly, Tim Ferriss, George Fraser, Dr. Myles Munroe, Elder Bernice King, Bishop Noel Jones, Tiny Lister Jr., Pastor Rod Parsley, Dr. John C. Maxwell, Charrissa Cawley, Nido Qubein, Bishop Eddie Long, George Ross, Bishop Greg Davis, Dorinda Clark Cole, Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, Pastor Paula White and Dr. Farrah Gray

With a heart of service... I have created Live Your Speaking Dreams™ a 3-day immersive bootcamp just for aspiring speakers and authors, like you!

Shave Years Off Your Learning Curve Using A “How-To” Blueprint And Insider Secrets From A Professional Platform Speaker And Best Selling Author

During Live Your Speaking Dreams™, a 3-day intense immersion and hands-on bootcamp, in Tampa, Florida I will lift the veil behind my successful speaking and publishing business and show you everything!

You know the saying “Chew the meat, and spit out the bones”? Well, I have done exactly that. This 3-DAY Boot Camp represents 100% MEAT!

I guarantee that you will walk away with everything you need to make the shift from being an employee to having an entrepreneurial mindset and building an iron-clad speaking business.  Throughout three days you will become versed in every technique, strategy, method and system that I personally practiced and that gave me the freedom to leave my full-time job in just 2 years.

With diverse teaching methods including role-playing, video, visual cues, interactive team work, Q&A and a hands-on workbook, you will walk away from this 3-day bootcamp having the tools, and more importantly knowing how to use those tools, to jumpstart your speaking platform and build a profitable speaking business.

There is no other bootcamp for speakers, that I know of, that is so interactive and that will guide you step-by-step through the process.

During three power-packed days at Live Your Speaking Dreams™ you can expect to:

  • SHOW your stuff to other professional speakers. Yes, you will be speaking multiple times during the Boot Camp…Expect the Unexpected!

  • EXPERIENCE 3 FULL DAYS 8am – 6pm each day. The time will fly, trust me. I need this much time with you to pour into you all of my business and platform building knowledge and pull out of you all of the details that I need to help you skyrocket your business.

  • SEE with your eyes and ears, everything that I use to run my speaking business. I will pack up most of my office and bring it to you.

  • HEAR all the techniques I use to market and sell my books to the masses.

  • DISCOVER how you can save at least $70,000 in REAL Operating Costs on the FIRST DAY alone. Additionally, expect me to save you another $25,000 on the 2nd DAY.

  • WORK in teams and groups. There will be multiple assignments that require you to call on the resources of the other speakers. These interactive exercises will blow your mind!

  • LEARN in a variety of methods . PowerPoint, practice, Internet, videos, Q&A, hotseats and group settings.

  • PARTICIPATE in open discussions and Lifework Assignments each evening.

  • GAIN KNOWLEDGE in an empowering environment. I’ve slashed the class size down to ONLY 10 REGISTRANTS so that you can personally spend quality time with me as your hands on mentor.

  • TALK about real figures, real issues, real truths and dynamics about the professional speaking industry. Expect TRANSPARENCY.

  • GET HANDS ON GUIDANCE on how to build a career and a successful speaking and publishing business that you manage and you control. I will put you in the driver seat that weekend!

  • HAVE YOUR FEET HELD TO THE FIRE and TAKE A RIDE on several emotional roller coasters. You will laugh, cry, get angry, be excited, get a little frustrated, and be absolutely prepared to pursue your professional destiny.

And that’s just for starters… I’ve broken my blueprint into 12 different categories so that you will get the most out of each step of the process.

An Easy To Implement Blueprint Divided Into 12 Categories And Designed To Launch Your Speaking And Publishing Business…

While You Transition From A Full-Time Job!

- Here’s EXACTLY what you will learn during this 3-day immersive bootcamp -

Here’s the deal, I am a TRANSITION EXPERT! I wrote a best selling book on transition called Caught Between a Dream and a Job. For the past decade I’ve helped millions of people all over the world develop a game-plan for living their dreams and now I want to help you!

I have taken my speaking and publishing blueprint and broken it down into 12 easy-to-implement categories that I will teach you step-by-step throughout my 3-day Live Your Speaking Dreams™ bootcamp.

Delatorro's Blueprint to Building a Successful Speaking & Publishing Business is Revealed in 12 Easy to Implement Categories!
The Psychology and Dynamics of Platform Mastery

Positioning, Marketing, and Developing Your Brand

The Management and Structure of your Business

Fee Creation and Negotiation

Replicating Yourself with Product Development

Book Publishing for Influence, Impact and Income

Building a Worldwide Television Platform

Exploding Your Business with Internet Marketing & Social Media

Live Event Logistics and Travel Strategies

Creating Staying Power and Protecting Your Image

Developing Your 6-Figure Business Transition Plan

Leveraging The Power of Professional Associations, Mentors, Masterminds, Agents, Speakers Bureaus and Fellow Speakers


Past Boot Campers with REAL LIVE Feedback - Watch this Now!





I will also share with you my own personal success stories, online resources and technology tips that will help you cut back on your own time, energy and expenses including:

  • The top 8 general information websites that help research

  • The top 10 computer software programs that help me in business

  • How I sold 1,000 copies of my 2nd book in less than 60 days with a $15,000 profit

  • How I sold 1,000 copies of my 3rd book in less than 23 days with a $13,000 profit

  • How I went to a conference as a nobody and sold $8,000 in product in 3 days

  • 12 ways to build your professional speaking career while working another job

What Renowned Speakers Are Saying About Delatorro McNeal & The Live Your Speaking Dreams™ Experience

Willy Jolley Hall of Fame Speaker “Delatorro McNeal is a terrific speaker and coach who will help you turn your MESSAGES into MONEY MAKING Opportunities”

"Delatorro is fantastic and I am always inspired and impressed with him! He is a phenomenon. Delatorro can teach you how to think differently and create wealth from your stories and your messages.

Spend 3 Days with Delatorro, LEARN FROM A MASTER who makes it happen day in and day out! I’m honored to call him my friend. He is a man on a mission and he will help you grow your future, your finances, and grow your possibilities.

Attend Live Your Speaking Dreams™. Register now! ”

-Willy Jolley
Hall of Fame Speaker, Bestselling Author & Comeback Guru


Charissa Crawley Speaker “In today’s market, you CAN'T just be AVERAGE, you’ve gotta take it to the next level. I utilize Delatorro to train and develop my students all over the country.”

"Live Your Speaking Dreams™ is the REAL DEAL. It’s a phenomenal event!

From Day 1 of meeting Delatorro I was absolutely blown away by his Platform Mastery. I can honestly say that I’ve never met someone with more passion, talent, or more knowledge. He’s the most dynamic and engaging speaker that I’ve ever shared the stage with.

Delatorro is my favorite speaker to hire and I utilize him to train and develop my students all over the country. Listen, in today’s market, YOU CAN’T JUST BE AVERAGE, you’ve gotta take it to the next level. So when you have the opportunity to go to an event, and learn from Delatorro directly, that’s something you don’t wanna miss.

I am so excited about this event because I know first hand the impact Delatorro has on people from all walks of life and I’ve seen them come through this experience literally transformed! This is a great event, you’ve got THE BEST teacher in the driver seat, so INVEST IN YOURSELF, do something for YOU, so go right now and register for Live Your Speaking Dreams™. It will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made, I guarantee it!!

-Charrissa Cawley
Worldwide Leader in Financial Literacy and Real Estate Training


Simon T Bailey Certified Speaking Professional “One of the most cutting-edge business sessions that will forever change your life. ”

"If you’re thinking about being a speaker, dreaming about being a speaker and author; someone who can literally shift the entire world, then you want to listen to what Delatorro has to share and MAKE AN INVESTMENT. It will be money well spent, ask me because I know. You need to SIGN UP right away.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Come with your pen, pad, and all your questions of how to not just make MONEY, but to make MEANING! How not to just pursue POWER, but to understand your PURPOSE. But more importantly, how to shift from success to SIGNIFICANCE. How to be a speaker who is an ORIGINAL VOICE, rather than an Annoying Echo. If you wanna find out how to do that, attend Live Your Speaking Dreams™ and listen to what Delatorro has to say. Why? Because Simon Says So!"

-Simon T. Bailey, MA, CSP
Certified Speaking Professional, Author, Speaker, Consultant


FOUR Bonus Gifts Valued at Over $6,073 Are Included With Your Registration

When you register for this 3-day bootcamp today, here's how I’m going to sweeten the pot and ensure that you get the most out of it and see maximum success.

You'll also get for FREE:

Bonus #1

CATERED NETWORKING LUNCHES all 3 days of Live Your Speaking Dreams™.

I’ll worry about providing the food, so you can focus on building your speaking and publishing empire.

($75 VALUE)

Bonus #2

The Live Your Speaking Dreams60+PAGE BOOT CAMP BINDER / SEMINAR GUIDE.

From the moment you walk into Live Your Speaking Dreams™ you will be EQUIPPED with the tools you need to be successful. This awesome Business Development Tool will navigate you through the entire 3-Day Experience and give you everything from supplemental reading material, PowerPoint slides in notes view, illustrations, bonus material, brochures for vendors that I recommend, and much more. This will be a Go-To Resource in your Speaking and Publishing Library for years to come.

($498 VALUE)

Bonus #3

The Coveted Live Your Speaking Dreams

I have spent the past 10 years compiling the forms, documents, and materials that I personally use in my business today. At the live event I will supply you with a special binder which contains 1 copy of EVERY document that I use to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars, including everything from contracts, to introductions, to marketing brochures, to product sales forms, to article copy, to program descriptions and so much more. YOU GET IT ALL! This binder alone will save you years of time conceptually and shave thousands of dollars off your development costs. Absolute GOLDMINE!

($5,000 VALUE)

Bonus #4

The Live Your Speaking DreamsMYSTERY CONTENT DATA DISC

My friend, I told you earlier that I like surprises and special added value items right? Well, this is exactly that.

My hard drive is LOADED with Special Reports, Teleseminars, Book Summaries, MP3s, eBooks, diagrams, White Papers and the like that I have collected from over the years from seminars that I’ve paid good money to attend. And on this Mystery Content Data Disc I will burn you a special selection of the best content that I have re-distribution rights to share.

You don’t know what you’re gonna get, but I promise you will LOVE IT, it will help you make money with your message.

($500 VALUE)


No Hassle, Try-It Guarantee!

Here’s the deal. I want you to attend the complete first full day of my Live Your Speaking Dreams™ 3-Day Bootcamp. If you are not thoroughly convinced that the bootcamp is worth every penny of the modest tuition you paid and that your participation will prepare you to leave behind your 9 to 5 job and allow you to build your speaking and publishing empire… just return your materials and let me know at the end of day one.

I’ll promptly make arrangements to send you a refund check or credit your charge card for your entire tuition within 10 days of the event.

Favor and abundance only,

Delatorro McNeal, II M.S.


Listen to what World Renowed Personal Branding Strategist
Lethia Owens has to say about WHY you MUST attend this event!



P.S. If you’ve just scanned this letter, here's 5 reasons to reserve your space now...

This is an intimate HANDS-ON 3-day bootcamp, so only 10 participants will be admitted - no exceptions!


In consideration of the economic environment I am - for this one time event only - reducing tuition by over 30%.


You will not receive this step-by-step, completely transparent, model anywhere else from someone who’s actually living the dream of speaking and writing!


The One-of-Everything Binder you will receive at the live bootcamp is worth thousands more than the tuition alone and will shave years off of your business development and save you thousands of dollars through the creative process.


Your experience is 100% guaranteed.  I invite you to attend the complete first day and if the bootcamp is not everything I promised, I will give you back your tuition. You have nothing to lose, because I am shouldering the risk!





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